Efficient. Compliant. Secure.
That’s a DefendX environment.

On average, DefendX customers free up more than 70% of their primary storage space by tossing the junk and securely organizing what’s left. Current files stay put. The rest get seamlessly moved to lower storage tiers or the cloud. Important files and the users who access them are monitored to enforce compliance and secure assets.

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Discover what you have and assess its impact on consumption, cost and risk.


Control storage consumption, audit file activity, and monitor user behavior.


Seamlessly move, archive, and protect data across NAS and cloud.

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Hear From Our Clients


“Storage hardware and data growth continues at a phenomenal rate, consuming more and more of the IT budget. Consequently, storage capacity management tools are a critical component to address this runaway growth.”

Ray Paquet, Managing VP

Travel Corporation

“After implementing DefendX Software’s solutions, it’s hard to imagine how we managed without it. My staff is spending less time on storage administration and thereby saving on unnecessary costs.”

Marin Lazar, Data Center Manager


“Our storage needs were going through the roof due to the expanding amounts of diverse data from student and staff usage. DefendX Software has help to manage our storage needs more effectively, which ultimately prevents us from having to continually buy more space – a very costly proposition for the University.”

Rick Johnson, Manager of IT Services


“It’s important to successfully manage precious resources, such as disk space, because it’s certainly not free nor is it infinite. DefendX Software helps us ensure the user community, 1200 and growing, is educated on our storage strategy, while at the same time not denying them the tools that they need to succeed.”

Bud McDonald, Chief of Denver Operations


“DefendX Software Compliance is a valuable product. Without it, I would be spending hours each week cleaning up useless data. Once the product was set up, it required very little administrator intervention. I would definitely recommend DefendX Software to anyone in a similar situation.”

Mike Hanson, Network Administrator


DefendX Software is perhaps one of the better kept secrets in the SRM/quota management space […] it is worth taking a look at when evaluating SRM and quota management solutions.”

Nancy Marone, Senior Analyst

defendx case studies
defendx case studies

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