HCI and Big NAS

You’ve committed to a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure strategy to realize the benefits of a pre-integrated, modular IT infrastructure solution. The high agility, rapid time-to-value and consumption-based economics of these solutions are compelling, but HCI configurations aren’t always ideal for large, unstructured data environments. Highly desirable all-flash configurations can be especially limiting in terms of cost, so your big NAS environment remains separate, with its own high-end platform, technical characteristics, growth models and cost structures.

Before:  Separate NAS

hci blocks

What Makes NAS Big?

If you’re like most organizations, your corporate NAS environment is large because of bloat. That is, up to 80% of the space is occupied by big files that haven’t been touched in more than a year!  Worse, many of your files – active or not – have no business being on your expensive corporate filers in the first place. DefendX has the solution … Secure File Management, featuring global visibility, integrated archiving, user-based quotas, and real-time file blocking and auditing.

Make NAS HCI-Friendly

The DefendX effect:  smaller, leaner active file sets in your NAS environments and the rest seamlessly connected to more cost-effective archive platforms and/or cloud services.  Now your active NAS environment can fit comfortably into your HCI system and inherit all the benefits it provides. With DefendX, you will:
  • understand the state of your file servers globally and identify areas for greater efficiency and security
  • make your file servers HCI-friendly by stubbing inactive files to self-managed, economical cloud storage systems and/or services
  • automatically manage and secure your file servers to keep them under control

After:  Files Delivered by HCI


DefendX allows you to leverage virtualized versions of integrated NAS platforms from NetApp, Dell EMC and Microsoft to run enterprise file services right out of your HCI environment. Now everything benefits from HCI, including big NAS.

defendx case studies
defendx case studies

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