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The key products connected to this capability are the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) cloud object storage system and the Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) data analytics and transformation system. Together, these products provide a robust information discovery and storage solution that can help drive smarter business decisions, while minimizing storage complexity and cost.


Central to this value proposition is the ability to seamlessly move data identified by HCI into the HCP environment.

That’s where DefendX Software comes in.

Here are just a few ways DefendX Software Mobility makes the HCI-to-HCP solution even better:

Metadata Matters

One of the most compelling reasons to utilize HCP for content storage is its rich metadata capability. Valuable insights can be gleaned by mining this metadata alone, without bogging down the entire repository. Unlike other file movement products, DefendX Software Mobility leverages this important HCP feature by including all relevant metadata with a file move into the HCP. Important information, such as permissions, ownership, and the complete set of file creation and access metrics are all preserved as HCP metadata, ensuring maximum value from the HCP platform.

Hitachi Content Intelligence

Hitachi Content Intelligence

Hitachi Content Intelligence has robust discovery and analytics capabilities that make it an effective tool for identifying files for movement into the HCP. DefendX Software Mobility has a simple, yet flexible and powerful integration interface that can be seamlessly leveraged by HCI, allowing for a much more robust data movement capability directly into HCP.

Size and Scale

Together, HCI and HCP can be deployed to analyze and store truly massive amounts of data. But if that data needs to be moved from where it currently resides into HCP, the size of that data set can be an issue.

DefendX Software Mobility has the ability to process petabytes of file data quickly and efficiently, making it a popular solution to file movement needs in the world’s largest environments. DefendX Software Mobility is the seamless data movement engine that removes size and scale limitations from the HCI-to-HCP solution.

Size and Scale
Multiple Targets

Multiple Targets

For environments that demand disconnected, yet redundant HCP repositories, DefendX Software Mobility is the perfect solution. DefendX Software Mobility can maintain multiple, simultaneous destinations for file archive, tiering or migration policies as part of an independent solution for HCP, or a bridge solution between HCI and HCP.

Capacity on Demand

DefendX Software has the corporate strength and flexibility to accommodate clients interested in HCI and/or HCP solutions in an on-demand consumption model.



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