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DefendX Mobility

Reclaim Primary Storage Space

Move old, static files to less expensive storage or clouds, while preserving seamless access for your users.

Simplify Data Retention

Use backup stubs to create copies of files as part of an integrated backup & archive data retention strategy.

Establish Platform Independence

Seamlessly move data between NAS and cloud platforms to achieve storage platform independence and drive down costs.

DefendX Vision

Understand Consumption & Risk

Built-in displays and reports help you identify your biggest consumption and risk offenders.

Establish Chargeback Accountability

Use chargeback and costing to establish accountability among your users and departments.

Plan for the Future

Understand your storage costs and consumption trends to plan for all of your future needs.

DefendX Control

Control Storage Consumption

Utilize quotas and blocking to control storage consumption among your users and prevent the storage of certain file types.

Protect Data – From the Inside

Use file activity auditing and user behavior monitoring to identify suspicious activity and prevent the theft of important files.

Enforce Legal Holds

Use automatic notifications, quarantines, and intervention to enforce legal holds and support company policies
defendx case studies
defendx case studies

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